I work from photos and can paint, draw, etch, chart, wood burn (pyrography) or sculpt just about anything. 


I design custom charts.  I hand chart all of the designs that I make. 

Basic pricing for a chart sized approximately 80 x 100 stitches is $50 to $75.00.

I retain all copyrights to any design that I do and also keep the option of selling the design on my website.

I do not sell personal designs with people in them on my website;

However, all animals, buildings or other pattern concepts may be offered for sale.

My charts take more time to make than the price I am charging to the customer, so to be able to recoup some of the design costs, I may choose to add them to the website.


If you have any questions regarding custom designs or other custom artwork, please contact me.


Thank you for your interest,