"Beaded Knits, Jewelry, Accessories and more Volume 3 - GLITZ - $30.00 each


Brenda Franklin's final book of beaded knits "GLITZ" is now available. This book combines the techniques from volumes 1 and 2 for more complex and provocative projects. This is not a 'beginner' book although there are basic projects contained in the book, some experience with working with beads is helpful. Volume 1 or 2 would give beginner knitters the information they need to work with. The layout of this volume has been streamlined to encompass not only jewelry and accessories but also introduces two sweater designs for those who enjoy larger projects.

Gallery pictures of projects contained in this book.




"Beaded Knits Jewelry and Accessories Volume 2 - Popped Bead Basics - $30.00 each

Volume 2

Also available, Beaded Knits Volume 2 "Popped Bead Basics". This book continues the comprehensive perspective with more than 30 designs available. The book is laid out in the same step by step method. The detailed photographs show the reader just what they need to see and the patterns are easy to follow. There are some completely new beaded knit concepts introduced in this book that are not difficult but will challenge even expert knitters.

Gallery pictures of projects contained in this book.




"Beaded Knits Jewelry and Accessories Volume 1 - Swagged Bead Basics - $30.00 each

Volume 1


Book review from "A Needle Pulling Thread" magazine

"Knitting with beads couldn't be simpler. Brenda Franklin has incorporated detailed photos and step by step instructions that clearly demonstrate the diverse styles of swagged knit beads. There are more than 20 designs with easy to read patterns. You will find that knit jewelry, gifts and accessories are a breeze. The projects are portable and quick to knit. Many designs also utilize larger seed beads to make beaded knits almost effortless for any knitter." 


Gallery pictures of projects contained in this book.


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